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Skick: 100% helt ny
Bäst ersättning för en nyckel med trasiga knappar eller slitna nyckelfodral.
Key case och uncut key blade only.Not electronic internals.
Få knivskuren av lokal låssmed / återförsäljare eller byt bladen med ditt original.

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Viktigt meddelande:
1.Denna artikeln är inte en fjärrkontroll, det är bara en fjärrnyckel skalväska.
2.Det finns ingen inredning (fjärrkontroll / elektronik / transponderchip).

Paketet innehåller: 1 x nyckel skal

3 knapps CE0536 Bilnyckelskal Till Citroen VA2

Varumärke : CherrysC
Säljare : CherrysCollection
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We at CherrysCollection has since our inception in 2013 had as a goal to offer products to Market places in Scandinavian countries at the best possible price. CherrysCollection is a private company that sells a variety of mobile phone accessories, jewelry, toys, car accessories and much more. We handle all our orders with extra care and service, we offer good quality products at lowest possible price. - 14 day right of return - you are not satisfied and we will take the item back - Responds to your questions 365 days a year - including holidays - Flexible changes, address changes and Returns By working in this way, we achieve both a happy mood in ourselves but more importantly get happy customers. We think it is an important issue to have a viable return policy, to be flexible in any situation and avoid that prices that are higher than necessary. By working in this way, we achieve competitive prices and customer satisfaction. If you have any question or suggestions you can email us at support@cherryscollection.se Usman med Personal CherrysCollection